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okay soooo here is my fabulous list of links to cool things... many of these places i either visit alot or highly recommend... enjoy!

music-related links

chainsaw records web page!: here there is all the info you could ever want on chainsaw bands (queer/riot grrrl music), plus there is a nifty message board and chat room where i am often found...
tweekitten indie pop records!: this is another record label/chat/message board place (this time for fans of indie pop) where i often frequent...
throwing music page!: yeah yeah, it's the same dealie as the two above.. but here they have a free webpage with in "the place" community... it's really cool indeed and caters to throwing muses/kristin hersh fans.
harmony central guitar tabs and chords!: okay, this is probably <u> the </u> best site on the net for trying to find guitar stuff... basicly if they don't have it here, good luck!
4ad's web page!: i had to put this on since 1/3 of my music is from this fabulous label...

random random links!

free full chart page!: yeah, i'm an astrology buff, and here is a place to get your whole chart, and interpretations for free!
the chicago rocky horror picture show cast's webpage!: okay, it's not up yet, but when it happens, it'll rock!!! i play columbia in our cast... fun fun!
world panthiesm movement and scientfic pantheism : i like this religion.. it's for all of you that believe in the force (star wars, you know what i'm talking about).. if you didn't think there is a religion kinda like that, then you should check this out...
gender, queer, and sexuality theory site if you think theory is cool, or want to be proved wrong that it's for dorks, then here's a cool site for you! it's all about today's theory (judith butler,derrida, deconstructionalism, post-structuralism, etc.) i love it and you will too!

here are also a bunch of good links for chicago and traveling

chicago weather forcast: yahoo's forcast for the chicagoland area....
trulink chicago websites:
centerstage's virtual el! : take a ride on the virtual el! see what stop you have to get off of!
CTA website:
Dive in chicago!: learn about different things of chicago.. i believe they also have a map to look at too!
amtrack web page: see what trains you can take out of chicago
greyhound page: see what buses you can take in and out of chicago